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熱情果吉士忌廉泡芙 Passion Fruit Cream Puffs

【熱情果吉士忌廉泡芙 Passion Fruit Cream Puffs】


立即重温《今餐有料到》第192集 !---〉按此重溫~


份量 Portion:6 pcs

材料 Ingredients:

- 泡芙麵糊 Pâte à choux-

  • 牛油 Butter | 50 g

  • 低筋麵粉 Cake flour | 100 g

  • 砂糖 Sugar | 12 g

  • 鹽 Salt | 1/4 tsp

  • 雞蛋 Eggs | 2 pcs

  • 水 Water | 175 ml

- 香蒂莉忌廉 Chantilly Cream-

  • 淡忌廉 Heavy cream | 200 ml

  • 雲呢拿精油 Vanilla extract | 1 tsp

  • 糖霜 Icing sugar | 20 g

  • - 熱情果凝乳 Passion Fruit Curd -

  • 熱情果 Passion fruit | 6 pcs

  • 砂糖 Sugar | 85 g

  • 蛋黃 Yolk | 5 pcs

  • 牛油 Butter | 70 g

- 吉士醬 Crème Pâtissière-

  • 牛奶 Milk | 250 ml

  • 砂糖 Sugar | 50 g

  • 蛋黃 Yolk | 2 pcs

  • 粟粉 Cornstarch | 25 g

  • 雲呢拿精油 Vanilla extract | 1/2 tsp

做法 Directions:

  1. 先製作泡芙麵糊。把牛油、砂糖、鹽和水煲滾。滾起後關火,倒入麵粉攪拌,再開細火,一邊攪動,煮大概2至3分鐘,再放涼10-15分鐘。逐隻雞蛋加入攪拌便完成。放入唧袋,唧在焗盆上,掃上蛋漿,放旁15分鐘。再放入已預熱至180度的焗爐內,焗大約20至25分鐘。

  2. 製作香蒂莉忌廉。把淡忌廉、雲呢拿精油和糖霜用打蛋器打至挺身。放入雪櫃備用。

  3. 製作熱情果凝乳。把熱情果汁留起備用,與砂糖煲滾。關火,加入蛋黃拌勻,開細火煮稠身。再加入牛油拌勻便完成。放涼備用。

  4. 製作吉士醬。把蛋黃、粟粉和砂糖拌勻,加入牛奶和雲呢拿精油攪勻。倒入煲中加熱煮稠身。放涼備用。

  5. 把香蒂莉忌廉、熱情果凝乳和吉士醬拌勻,放入唧袋。把泡芙切開,唧入忌廉便完成。

  1. Make Choux pastry. Add butter, sugar, salt and water into a pot, bring everything to a boil. When it's boiling, turn the heat off and add the flour in immediately. Stir well until it forms a dough. Turn the heat back on again to low, keep mixing while cooking the dough for another 2-3 minutes. When done, leave it aside for about 10-15 minutes to cool down for a little bit. Add the eggs in one by one, and mix well. Transfer the batter in a piping bag. Pipe the choux pastry onto a lined baking tray. Egg wash and let it sit for about 15 minutes. Then place them into a preheated oven at 180C, and bake for 20 to 25 minutes.

  2. Make Chantilly cream. Whip the cream, vanilla extract and icing sugar with an electric beater (or by hand) until it reaches a soft peak stage. Keep the whipped cream in the fridge.

  3. Make passion fruit curd. Strain the passion fruit seeds and flesh with a sift and press as much juice out as you can. Transfer the juice into a small pot and add sugar in. Bring the juice to a boil and melt all the sugar. Turn the heat off and add the yolk in. Turn the heat back on to low heat and cook until thicken. Add butter in and stir well. Let it aside to cool down completely and store them in the fridge.

  4. Make crème pâtissière. Add yolk, cornstarch and together together and mix well. Add milk and vanilla extract in and mix well again. Pour everything into a pot and heat up over middle heat while mixing. Cook until thicken and turn off the heat and let it cool completely.

  5. Mix Chantilly cream, passion fruit curd and crème pâtissière together to make the filling and transfer it into a piping bag with a star tip in if you want. Cut open the puff and pipe the filling inside.

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